13 Years vs. 4 Months: OFW Seeks Closure, Surprises Ex-BF Who Found New Girl

An OFW seeks closure and surprises her ex-BF who backed out of their wedding after finding a new girl.

What’s sad is that they’ve been together for 13 years and were supposed to get married, but her guy chose the new girl – and she even discovered that their relationships had overlapped!

OFW Seeks Closure after BF Finds New Girl before Wedding

So many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) have ended up with broken relationships or families because their partners found a new loved one while they are living apart.

On the other side of the coin are the OFWs who have found new love and ended up leaving their families for this person.

OFW seeks closure

Photo credit: Mak&Maw’s Gift Shop

Recently, an OFW who works in Hong Kong, identified only as “Ma’am Beca” asked help from Mak&Maw’s Gift Shop to surprise her ex-BF so she can find closure after he left her for another woman.

The surprise was done in a similar manner as most surprises from the gift shop- with banners, gifts, cake, and food prepared for the recipient. The only difference is that the theme was set up as an “I Love You Goodbye” car surprise.

There’s a huge stuffed panda, cake, and food for “Sir James,” Ma’am Beca’s boyfriend of 13 years.

Photo credit: Mak&Maw’s Gift Shop

The gift shop explained why Ma’am Beca did this for him, before the OFW appeared and confronted her ex-boyfriend.

It was clear that Sir James was not happy with the surprise, yet he handled it with grace and didn’t walk out.

Even when Ma’am Beca appeared and talked to him about everything that he had done, he appeared to keep his cool.

Photo credit: Mak&Maw’s Gift Shop

Many netizens were quick to point out that he appears quite emotionless throughout the video, showing that he really doesn’t love his ex-GF anymore.

What’s sad is that Ma’am Beca had actually done a similar surprise on their 10th anniversary with the same gift shop – yet the guy still replaced her with a girl he just met. Tsk. Tsk.

Watch the video here:

Can OFWs Still Keep Their Relationships?

Yes, of course! While there are many stories of OFW couples breaking up, many have managed to stay together and remain faithful despite the long distance between them.