5 Side Jobs OFWs Can Do to Earn Extra Income While Abroad

While it is true that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) earn more money than their counterparts working in the Philippines, not all of them have financial freedom. Yes, they might be earning more money but they are also spending more money in these places where the cost of living is often high.

They are earning dollars but they are also spending in dollars!

If you are an OFW seeking new ways to earn extra income while abroad, then check out these 5 side jobs you can try to have more money to send your family or to save for the rainy days.

Blogging and Vlogging

Are you spending a lot of time on Facebook or making videos about the places you visit in the country you are working in? Well, you can actually make money on the internet through blogging. You can be a content creator for YouTube, Facebook, or other social media.

Blogging also earns a good amount of money, especially if you get a steady stream of visitors to your blog.

Buy and Sell

Pinoys love imported goods. You can use that to your advantage by selling items you buy from mall sales where you are working, then sending these in balikbayan boxes for your family to sell.

You also have the option of opening an online store so you can directly ship these items to your customers.

Food Business

If you know how to cook, then you just might have a good chance of earning more money through food business. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant-scale business. In fact, you can start with something that you can make at home.

More often than not, many OFWs in your area already miss Pinoy food. You can start a business of catering to small Filipino gatherings. Who knows, you might even have the chance to open a Pinoy restaurant there?

Party Planner

Knowing that Pinoys love to party and have regular gatherings, convert your party planning skills to extra cash. This might be a little tricky, especially if the events might clash with your main job but if you can find a way to handle that dilemma, this could bring in a lot of money for you.

Money Lending

At any given time, someone somewhere is in need of money. You can start a money lending business but make sure you only lend money you can afford to lose, especially because there are people who don’t feel ashamed about not paying their debts, even if you are good friends.