7 OFWs in Tears after Receiving Food, Medicines from Fellow Pinoys in Riyadh

Seven overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) were moved to tears after receiving food and medicines from fellow Pinoys in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The sweet gesture warmed many netizens’ hearts, with everyone commenting that it would be great if everyone else helped each other in this manner…

Help in Times of Need

In many places around the world, not just in the Philippines, a lot of people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Many are also trapped in their apartments and boarding houses because they had no money or transportation to buy food.

A lot are left hungry, even sick from other conditions, due to the difficult situation they are in amid the crisis. Some have taken to seeking help online to get some food.

With many not receiving any help from their companies and only getting so little from the Philippine government as assistance, there were those who posted videos asking for food.

Some even claimed that they were already looking for food from trash bins! One OFW was nabbed for such a video, with the Philippine government officials saying that their investigation showed that the videos are fake and simply ‘staged’ for sympathy.

In another viral video, a group of OFWs received help from kind kababayans. According to Bhong David, seven OFWs were left in tears after receiving food and medicines from fellow Pinoys in Riyadh amid the pandemic.

David did not elaborate what happened to the Pinoys and how had given them the relief goods, but it seems that there were many who donated for the group. The video also made a lot of Pinoys cry, commenting that they empathized with the group and cried because they knew how these guys must be feeling…

Watch the video here:

7 OFW mangiyakngiyak matapos makatanggap ng tulong mula sa kapwa OFW sa Riyadh sa gitna ng pandemia.Video-CCTO Ellensalsedo

Posted by Bhong David on Saturday, June 27, 2020

COVID Assistance for OFWs

Different government agencies were tasked to roll out financial assistance to the people amid the COVID-19 crisis. For OFWs, related agencies have also followed the mandate.

The DOLE-AKAP assistance program for OFWs provides a one-time financial assistance amounting to Php10k for OFWs displaced by COVID-19.