“Balut” – A Favorite Filipino Delicacy – is Banned Entry into UAE

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Filipinos in Dubai craving for “balut” or duck eggs, would not be getting this as “pasalubong” (gift) anytime soon. This is following the alert issued by the Philippine-Consulate General to the Filipino community in Dubai that it is now illegal to pack this all-time-favorite delicacy in your luggage upon returning from the Philippines.

This advisory was issued after Philippine Consul Ferdinand Flores has received tons of reports from different people regarding confiscations of “balut” and salted eggs by the Dubai customs.

“The entry of commercial and non-commercial quantities (for personal consumption) of balut into Dubai without the necessary customs and health certificates may result to their confiscation by customs authorities and possible delay in immigration clearance of the bearers,” as reported on Emirates 247

balut uae

Strict import restrictions in Dubai make it illegal for “balut” to be sneaked into your luggage. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment maintains that any shipment of table eggs must pass import conditions and regulations as referred to in the Veterinary Quarantine Act No. 6 of 1979. The person carrying table eggs should be able to present a legitimate health certificate which includes the production and expiration dates.

Further, “the eggs should be unfertilized, fresh, intact, and fit for human consumption,” as mentioned in eTurbo News. The health certificate should also specify that the eggs were mass-produced in duly licensed and registered farms as well as rendered safe and free from bird flu and salmonella contamination.

Also, it is important to note that when importing eggs, these should be placed in clean and designated boxes and not just thrown in your luggage along with other contents.

“Balut” is actually boiled duck embryo which is consumed from the shell. This is a popular street food and gastronomic delight in the Philippines as well as in other Southeast Asian countries.