Best Job for Dog Lovers? Pinay ‘Pet Yaya’ Takes Care of Eight Dogs in Hong Kong

For someone who loves dogs, a job taking care of eight dogs is simply a dream come true!

Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Sheena Rose Tamayo started working in Hong Kong in 2016. At the time, her job was to be a ‘pet yaya’ (pet caregiver) to one dog. Seeing that Sheena is good at her job and enjoys taking care of the dog, her employer was so pleased that he bought another one. Then, he bought several more!

Photo credit: 24 Oras / YouTube

Nung nakita ng amo ko na maganda naman ‘yung resulta ng pag-aalaga ko sa aso, he kept on buying,” the OFW shared.

Today, Sheena is in charge of eight dogs: two standard poodles, two German Shepherds, two Akita Inus, and two Chinese dogs. The dogs are huge, with the two standard poodles often mistaken for giant stuffed toys because of their appearance.

Photo credit: 24 Oras / YouTube

These dogs are also expensive breeds, with her employer paying as much as around Php500k for just one of the standard poodles which was imported from Japan. But these expensive dogs receive the best care from Sheena.

The OFW shared that the dogs have their own dog houses, each of which has air conditioning set to full blast.

Photo credit: 24 Oras / YouTube

May sariling dog house po sila at hindi lang po malamig, super lamig, parang winter din po,” Sheena shared.

Just like human babies, these dogs also need pampering, too. Sheena works hard to keep the fur babies clean, well fed, and happy. She often takes them out for a walk in the park for exercise – and they certainly get a lot of attention wherever they go.

Photo credit: 24 Oras / YouTube

A dog lover, Sheena certainly feels that she has the best job in the world! But though she is the one caring for the dogs, she also benefits from caring for these fur babies as they become her stress-relievers and provides her with a loving company while she lives far away from her family.

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