Canadian’s Wife Gets Pregnant with Their Neighbors’ Kids, Tells Him They’re His Children

A Canadian’s wife got pregnant with their neighbor’s children but told her husband they’re his children. When he found out the truth, the guy sought help from Raffy Tulfo in Action to erase his name from the birth certificates and to file the annulment…

According to Nicholas Selin, he met a ‘Spotlight Girl’ in Angeles, Pampanga and would fall in love with her. But Rodeliza Selin would just break his heart.

He met the Spotlight Girl in Angeles City back in 2011; they got married in 2014. Though he knows her job, he wanted to take her out of that life and give her a better future. So, he married her and sent her to school in hopes that one day he could bring her to Canada where she could find a better, decent job. He also sent her two sisters to school.

To provide for his family, he bought her a house despite the fact that he would be staying in Canada most of the time. He purchased the house for Php875k, paying the 20% downpayment and sending her Php14k per month payment for a year. He later learned that his wife only deposited 8 of the 12 payments he sent her.

He was so excited after learning they were having a child. For 15 months, he really thought that Nicholas Jr. was his son. But things happened that pushed him to have the boy tested for paternity – and the results were negative!

He went back to Canada but 10 months later, he came back to the Philippines after a neighbor’s wife told him about her husband’s relationship with Rodeliza. He was partly shocked but also not surprised to see that his wife was pregnant again. It was impossible for the baby to be his!

When their relationship dissolved, he asked her to sell the house. They were supposed to get Php112,000 for the house, but she got all the money and broke contact with him.

Rodeliza claimed she is scared of her husband, that’s why she found a new lover. But Nicholas was not buying her excuse.

If you wanted to leave me, why did you keep taking my money?” Nicholas asked his wife.

If the new Chinese boyfriend who’s a Canadian citizen wants to keep his wife, Nicholas is willing to simply get the Php50,000 of his share from the house’s sale. The Tulfo team will accompany him to Pangasinan. He also wanted help to remove his name from the children’s birth certificates.

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What’s a Downpayment?

A downpayment is a type of payment that’s done to secure the purchase of a big-ticket item such as a house or vehicle.