Caregiver Took $260k from Elderly Canadian Client’s Card after Memorizing His PIN

While it is true that life can be difficult, especially if you don’t have money but have a family to support, this does not give you the right to take money from someone else; especially if that someone trusted you a lot!

Such was the case of a caregiver in Canada who became close friends with not just the elderly patients she was caring for but also with their family.

Antonette Dizon, 50, had been serving Henry and Helen Abfalter who were both 86 at the time, back in September 2014. The old couple lived in a retirement home.

Due to their deteriorating health, the couple needed help in many daily activities. As they grew to trust Dizon, the Abfalter couple would sometimes ask her to withdraw some cash from the ATM for their financial needs.

And in those many trips to the bank, Dizon got tempted after seeing the balance of over $490,000 from Henry Abfalter’s account. Since she was often the one asked to get his money, anyway, she decided one day to take his ATM card home. No one noticed; not even the old man.

Every day since then, she would max out the ATM’s $1,000 limit. And though she made regular withdrawals of the same amount from the account, no one realized what she was doing.

As the days passed, Dizon became more confident with the money,withdrawing daily from the old man’s account and using it to buy furniture, a car, and other things. She also paid off all her debts and bought a cleaning business with the money. Then, she treated her family to a trip to Disneyland.

The Abfalter never suspected a thing, especially because they had always known Dizon as a religious, kindhearted woman. During the old man’s funeral, Dizon’s daughter was invited to sing – for the families have really become close.

Yet she continued taking money from the account afterwards.

Sometime in April 2016, the couple’s daughter discovered that the couple’s account had dwindled from nearly $500,000 to just about $200,000. After learning that regular withdrawals were made on the account, she immediately ordered the bank to investigate – and was shocked to discover that Dizon was the one doing it all along.

Helen refused to believe at first that Dizon did it, saying she was ‘the kindest person’ she knew.

What’s even worse is that Dizon had spent all of the money she had taken from the account that the family had a hard time recovering the lost funds. Her assets were seized but even those did not cover all of the money she had taken from the old couple; she still had a balance of $105,000.

She has since been taken into custody for her actions and ordered to pay the family.