Cruise Ship Salary Reveal Goes Viral, Made Some Netizens Want to Change Careers

How are you earning in your current job? Salaries can vary depending on many factors, but a recent cruise ship salary reveal went viral – and it got some netizens thinking about changing careers to waiters!

The salaries are impressive – would you change careers, too?

Cruise Ship Salary Reveal Amazes Netizens

A cruise ship crew shares life as a seafarer working as a crew member in a cruise ship using the handle @dmcredible on TikTok.

He’s been sharing several videos that have inspired many netizens to change careers and find a job on a cruise liner.

Of course, not all cruise liners offer the same salary range to their workers – and some might even pay more. But @dmcredible is simply sharing his experiences with the cruise line he’s working for.

Photo credit: @dmcredible

According to this seafarer, here are some of the salaries that he and his coworkers receive while working at the cruise ship:

  • Galley or kitchen utility at $600 to $800 or around Php33,000 to Php44,000 (pegged at around Php40,000 in the video)
  • Buffet attendant at $1,000 to $1,200 or around Php55,000 to Php66,000 (pegged at around Php60,000 in the video)
  • Assistant waiter at $1,200 to $1,700 or around Php66,000 to Php93,500 (pegged at around Php85,000 in the video)
  • Waiter at $1,800 to $2,200 or around Php99,000 to Php121,000 (pegged at around Php110,000 in the video)

Aside from these incredibly high salaries (compared to what workers receive on land, especially in the Philippines, for the same jobs), they can also receive tips from happy customers if they get their job right.

Naturally, so many people were impressed by the video. After all, many waiters are paid below or just around the minimum wage in the Philippines – and the numbers listed on the video, even the galley or kitchen staff’s salaries, are already for higher-ranked workers such as managers in most workplaces.

cruise ship salary reveal

Photo credit: @dmcredible

How to Work in a Cruise Ship

To find a job on a cruise ship, you usually need to meet the qualifications (diploma, certification, degree, etc.) that are required for the job you want to apply for.

It’s also important to have a passport, pass the medical exams and background checks, and other important documents.

These jobs are often available through an agency, though you might also find a cruise ship offering direct hiring.