Domestic Helper Becomes an Entrepreneur, Thanks to Employer Who Paid for Business Lessons

A domestic helper becomes an entrepreneur, all thanks to her kind employer who paid for her business lessons. The employer knew that she had to find a good source of income once she returns to the Philippines for good. Isn’t that wonderful?

Domestic Helper Becomes an Entrepreneur

Plenty of domestic helpers are able to improve their family’s lives, thanks to the help of kind employers. Some of these employers even help their worker build houses and open businesses.

Jocelyn Mompal works as a domestic helper in Singapore. Now 58, she has two more years to work in Singapore before her eligibility to work as a domestic worker comes to an end. In Singapore, domestic workers are only allowed to work until they’re 60 years old.

domestic helper becomes an entrepreneur

Photo credit: Jocelyn Malte Mompal

But that wouldn’t be a problem for Mompal who already owns a business in the Philippines as a sustainable income source for her family.

Mompal owns a travel agency and shoe store in Iloilo City, Philippines, plus a condominium unit in Manila.

The domestic helper shared that she thanks her employer, a woman surnamed Wang, for giving her the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by paying for her business lessons.

Photo credit: Jocelyn Malte Mompal

Photo credit: Jocelyn Malte Mompal

According to Mompal, Wang is an educator, so the latter knows the value of education. Wang signed her up for time and money management courses in 2008.

Thanks to these lessons, she was able to use her money to start a business.

She has been working for the Wang for 22 years. Having been with Wang since 2000, the two have developed a close bond. Wang even flew to the Philippines to attend the wedding of Mompal’s daughter and the baptism of her granddaughter.

Photo credit: Jocelyn Malte Mompal

When the family took a trip to Singapore, Wang also welcomed them to her home.

They treat each other like family. Mompal acknowledged that she’ll surely miss her employer one she returns home for good.

I’ll miss her very much,” she mused.

Thanks to her encouragement and allowing me to start my own business, I will have an independent source of income after retirement.

domestic helper becomes an entrepreneur

Photo credit: Jocelyn Malte Mompal

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