Donations Reach Php5.4 Million for Pinay Fired by HK Employers for Being Sick

Some days ago, we shared the story of an OFW who was terminated her job due to a ‘Big C’ diagnosis...

She was fired by her employers in Hong Kong after she was diagnosed with a serious medical condition, but Filipina domestic helper Baby Jane Allas found help in her sister’s kind employers who helped her seek help from kindhearted people willing to help save her life.

Baby Jane was unjustly terminated from her job after her employers learned that she’s currently in the stage 3 of her medical condition, but she is now trying to contest the termination.

Photo credit: Jessica Papadopoulos / GoGetFunding

While Baby Jane was able to find help from her sister’s boss, Jessica Cutrera, she was still stuck in Hong Kong without access to medical care because her healthcare benefits were also cut off the moment she was terminated by her heartless employers.

Thanks to Jessica who set up a GoGetFunding campaign and also sought help from social media regarding her situation, the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) was finally able to have funds that might be enough to cover her medical expenses in Hong Kong.

To date, the campaign has received over HK$801 million (nearly Php5.4 million) from more than 1,200 donors.

Aside from private individuals who provided monetary support for the cause, Jessica also shared as an update to the post that the Adventist Hospital Foundation is helping out by finding ways to reduce the OFW’s medical bills on chemo and radiation.

Photo credit: Jessica Papadopoulos / GoGetFunding

Jessica explained on the GoGetFunding campaign that they learned about Baby Jane’s bad situation at her former employer’s house back in 2018 when her sister Mary Anne (Jessica’s domestic helper) asked them for extra food.

Aside from counting the food in the house, her employers still made her work on her day off without extra pay. But she didn’t pursue a case against her employers at the time as she simply wanted to finish her contract and perhaps find another employer who might treat her better.

Towards the end of the year, Baby Jane already felt really sick but her employers put off giving her a chance to visit the doctor. And when she finally got diagnosed, they fired her!

Photo credit: Jessica Papadopoulos / GoGetFunding

Jessica’s family was the one supporting Baby Jane now, but they could not also hire her because under the law, she could not be hired by a new employer due to her advanced stage. Thus, she couldn’t avail of healthcare plans and Jessica had to cover for her medical expenses herself.

Thanks to the help from netizens all over the world, Baby Jane could now get the help she needed the most for her condition.