Don’t Buy Expensive Bags! Airport Staff Caught Throwing Luggage Off the Aircraft

Traveling can be quite expensive, particularly when you have to ride a plane. Still, a lot of people travel – either for work or just for fun. Many even buy the most expensive bags they could afford, thinking that the bags will make their trip easier, more stylish, and more fun.

But a recent video has gone viral after yet another airport staff was caught throwing luggage so carelessly off an aircraft!

It is unknown where or when the video was taken. No one also knows what airline the lady works for or what her job description might be. But it was obvious from the video that the woman is not so happy with her job and that she wants to do things in a different manner – even if that means that the passengers’ luggage could get damaged by her actions.

Photo credit: Chill Out / Facebook

From the video, it was also clear that the bags had a long way to fall off because the woman, whoever she was, is standing on a platform by the gangplank with a luggage slide. The plane’s engine could be seen to her back.

Whatever her issues might be, it is clear that this woman did not like having to carry the bags from the cargo hull to the platform. Her facial expression could not be clearly seen in the video, but it was clear how she simply threw the luggage down the slide. She did not even put the bags down the slide in a gentle manner.

Photo credit: Chill Out / Facebook

Many netizens were angry at the woman. Many advised other netizens not to buy expensive luggage. After all, you buy something expensive and make sure to take care of it, but people at the airport and other places you travel to could just so easily and carelessly thrown these without consideration to the owners.

Here’s the video:

What’s a Gangplank?

A gangplank is a movable flight of stairs that’s used to board or disembark from a ship, airplane, or other tall form of transport.