Dubai Now Offers Special Freelance Work Permits to Select Professionals

Good news to professionals, particularly in the tech industry! Dubai Internet City (DIC) now offers special freelance work permits to select professionals

This aims to help professionals increase their potential income source and to provide a larger work force for the free zone as this move is expected to attract both local and international talent.

What’s great is that this move is similar to that launched by Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Park some months ago, aimed at providing freelance work permits for professionals in the education and media sectors.

These give professionals a better chance at finding a job that does not limit their creativity while allowing them to work on their own schedule, on flexible terms.

There are currently around 100,000 licensed freelancers paid on a short-term contract basis. This number is seen to rise in the coming months. Working with these freelancers had shown companies in Dubai that it is possible to let workers do their jobs at home, leading to increased productivity but also lowering operational costs for the company. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

There is no doubt that independence breeds and encourages creativity and innovation. The technology landscape in Dubai is evolving at breathtaking speed. It is imperative that businesses keep up with the pace at which technology is now being developed and consumed,” said the managing director of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource City, Ammar Al Malik.

In order to stay relevant, competitive and profitable, businesses need to ensure that they operate with a flexible business model, one that embraces the concept of freelance talent. GoFreelance is one such solution that businesses can take advantage of to keep up with the constant demand for talent.

The freelance package will cost you Dh7,500 (Php107,000) per year and already includes your freelance permit as well as access to the business center.

For now, the new package offered for freelancer workers in DIC is aimed for tech professionals specializing in data science and analytics, customer service, IT and telecommunication networking, and those into web, mobile, software development and architecture. Those who provide tech support and related services will also be eligible for this package.