Employer Treats Lucky OFW and Two Sons to Vacation in Thailand (Plus Pocket Money)

An employer treats lucky OFW and her two sons to a vacation in Thailand – and even gave them pocket money. And to help her children get approved, the employer also covered their “show money.” Wow.

Employer Treats Lucky OFW and Sons to Thailand Vacation

Many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) are lucky enough to have a vacation each year, so they get to spend time with their families. They’re already considered lucky because many do not get to enjoy such a privilege.

But the luckiest ones get to enjoy vacations paid for by their employers – and they can even bring their family members along!

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Jovelyn Lontoc is one of the luckiest few.

Her employers paid for her 7-day trip to Thailand with her two sons, plus another 9-day stay at a hotel in Hong Kong.

But that’s not all – because they also gave the family pocket money of HKD3,500 (around Php24,300) to spend during the trip, and helped cover their so-called “show money” worth HKD8,630 (Php60,000) so her kids, already in their 20s, won’t be offloaded from their flight.

Lontoc, a 52-year-old single mom, has been lucky with her employers in Hong Kong the past 7.5 years.

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This year, the Lontoc’s employers, Jason Or and Elma Siu, were set to go to Thailand. Instead of leaving her behind, they decided to bring her along so she can also travel to this beautiful tourist destination.

Instead of having her vacation in the Philippines, however, they also offered to let her bond with her family by flying her two sons to Thailand as well.

The couple paid for the Filipino family’s 7-day stay in Thailand and a further 9-day stay in Hong Kong. They booked in 4-star hotels.

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More Blessings from Her Employers

Lontoc told Sun Web HK that her employers had always been generous to her and her family. She was given a raise the first year in the job, and allowed to go home with free round trip air fares fully paid for.

They also lavished her sons with gifts, including a brand-new laptop and printer after learning that one was planning to take up computer engineering in college.

employer treats lucky OFW and her two sons

Photo credit: Sun Web HK

What’s “Show Money”?

This is the term that Filipinos use for the money that Pinoy travelers keep in their bank account just for show – because they need some proof of their capacity to travel.

Often, the money is loaned from someone just so they can have the money in their account.