Family Sorts Out Garbage-Looking Balikbayan Box That Took Two Years To Arrive

Receiving packages from abroad is one of the perks of having an OFW member in the family. Being reunited with them is the best feeling, yet, opening up packages from them is the second best.

However, how would you feel if one day you receive a Balikbayan box full of expired chocolates, empty shampoo bottles, and body lotions? Everything inside the box looks almost a garbage already?

Viral video

A video uploaded in Facebook went viral where a family is unboxing a Balikbayan box they have waited for ages. The mother sorts out the parcels and at the same time, rants for receiving the package with nothing can be of use.



By the look of the box, seems like it sat in a warehouse for a long time. It looks dirty, unattended and improperly handled.



The family found that the chocolates got expired last year, the hair and body care bottles are almost empty, and kid’s shoes look already old. Worst, there are missing items.



According to the post of a netizen, the package should have been received by 2016. And it was only recently delivered to their address lately. The family is calling out on the cargo and freight company to be put responsible for the lost items as well.



The netizens have been questioning why the family did not call or made follow up inquiries knowing that they have a package box on the way. There were mixed reactions from the netizens. Some shared how they experienced convenience on the said cargo company, some shared how long it took for them to receive theirs too. On the other hand, some expressed their fear of getting the cargo service in the future.

Though what happened is sad, this is a responsibility of the receiver to monitor their Balikbayan boxes, right? The post had 1.3k reactions and 16.5k shares as of this writing.

Watch the video below: