Former OFWs Tour their Kids to Countries They Worked In, Show Them Difficulties of Being an OFW

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are often called as ‘bagong bayani’ or modern-day heroes for the sacrifices they have to undertake for their families. It is true that a lot of OFWs live a hard, challenging life in the countries they work in, especially those working as domestic helpers.

A couple who both worked abroad now live successful lives as business owners in the Philippines. And though they now live comfortable, rich lives, they wanted to show their kids the hardships they had to face as OFWs.

So, they toured their children to the countries they had previously worked in.

In a feature story on The Sun Hong Kong, Vic and Mel Serrano from Pampanga shared the story of how they met at the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP). While still in college, both dreamed of becoming OFWs to provide a better life for their family. They got married in 1993.

For 15 years, Vic worked as engineer in several countries, including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Mel worked as domestic helper in Hong Kong.

Despite the many years they spent abroad, Vic felt that they were not really successful as OFWs. So, they both decided to use what savings they had to build GWP Electrical, Trading and Construction Company.

It was actually a good idea. As the business grew, the couple remained humble. They were blessed with two kids, Jhon Ewen who’s now an engineer like his dad and Jenz Eries who a medical technologist.

With the rich lives they now live, the two wished to show their children the difficulties that OFWs experience. So, they brought their kids on a tour to Hong Kong, meeting with old friends and also showing them the places where they had previously worked.

But aside from touring them to these places, the couple also brought their kids to Korea, Singapore, and New Zealand as they reward themselves for the many years they didn’t experience living a comfortable life.

The couple calls on other OFWs to try other options to earn money so they could go back home earlier and spend more time with their children.

Image credit: The Sun Hong Kong