Girl’s Adorable Videos for OFW Dad: From “Iiskul na ‘Ko” to “Graduate na ‘Ko”

A girl’s adorable videos for OFW dad, from “iiskul na ‘ko” to “graduate na ‘ko,” recently went viral, with many netizens asking for a “papa reveal.”

The compilation video quickly went viral. Isn’t this sweet?

Girl’s Adorable Videos for OFW Dad Goes Viral

It’s a bittersweet reality for many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) that they can provide for their family’s financial needs but often miss milestones and important moments in their lives.

After all, many OFWs only get to go home for a short time after a few years of working abroad due to contract restrictions or monetary concerns, especially if they have to buy their own plane tickets. International flights can be so expensive!

That’s why many OFWs only get to see their children’s milestones on video or pictures.

Recently, a young lady named Reshanne Fendy Tria posted a video compilation of her first day in school and her graduation day.

In the first video taken on her first day of school (she captioned it as 2002 but later commented on her TikTok post that it’s from 2003), the adorable young girl shyly said to the camera, “Papa, iiskul na ‘ko.

Netizens thought she’s so cute in this video!

Fast forward to 2022, the cute little girl has turned into a lady who was waving her diploma to the camera as she shouted, “Papa, graduate na ‘ko!” She graduated from college with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BSBM) major in Marketing.

In both times, her dad wasn’t able to attend and witness the milestone in her life in person, but it was a good thing that technology now enables her dad to watch them “live” as they happen, even if he’s far away.

Most of the time ‘di namin siya kasama lalo na sa mga special occasion kasi [he is] working for us. He didn’t see us growing, tanging sa mga videos lang,” Reshanne explained.

Papa, graduate na ang bunso mo.

Watch the adorable video here:

Reshanne’s advice to other OFW kids:

Wag kayong magtampo sa parents niyo if hindi sila nakakauwi, maiintindihan niyo rin pagdating ng panahon dahik paniguradong gusto rin tayo kasama ng mga parents natin ngunit wala silang choice dahil kailangan nila tayo bigyan ng magandang future.

Papa Reveal


Replying to @mangga ito naaaa hahahaha

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After the video went viral, netizens kept asking Reshanne for a “papa reveal” – and she shared some videos: