Graduate to OFW Mom: “Come Home, I’ll Be the One to Work Now”

The life of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is no joke. OFWs have to deal with a lot of problems and make sacrifices just to give their families a better life. While it is their choice to go abroad in search of a higher pay, they have to do this because most jobs in the Philippines don’t pay that much salary for the workers.

Minerva Jane Borca recently went viral after sharing graduation photos with a sweet message for her OFW mom to come home, promising that she would be the one to work now.

Ma, uwi kana ng pinas ako naman magtatrabaho,” Minerva wrote on a small white board she held out while taking her graduation photos.

Photo credit: Minerva Jane Borca / Facebook

In her post, Minerva shared how she stood as her siblings’ ‘mother’ when their mom decided to work abroad to support their family. Their dad was always there to support them, of course, but it was her who stood as mother figure for her siblings.

She made a lot of realizations as ‘mother’ to her siblings; including how she had to put their needs and wants first before her own. And while they did receive a lot of material things from their mother and their life has, indeed, become much better, Minerva wrote that she would still rather have their mom physically there with them than working far away.

And understanding the sacrifices her mom had done for the family, this young graduate asks her to come home for good because she will now be the one to find a job and support the family. It was a sweet gesture and acknowledgment for their mother’s sacrifice – and netizens loved her post.

During hard times at school, Minerva shared that she always thought of her mom’s sacrifices to get her going and doing her best in studies, because she knows that her mother was having a more difficult time abroad than what she is experiencing…