Highest Paying Jobs for OFWs

Based on the 2013 data provided by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), there are approximately 10.2 million Filipinos working outside the Philippines. The number is spread across 100 nations.

Take note that this number was an estimate 5 years ago; surely, the figure has increased in the past years.

To date, the US still has the most number of OFWs, with the number estimated to be more than 3.4 million. Saudi comes in second at over 1 million; although this number is expected to drastically change due to Saudization, a government policy that requires Saudi companies and enterprises to fill up jobs with Saudi nationals.

Canada has over 850k OFWs while the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has an estimated Filipino population of around 680k. The rest of the countries in the top are Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Qatar, Singapore, and Kuwait.

Each year, the Philippines sends out thousands of workers to other countries but it would be great to know which jobs pay the highest, to guide students and aspiring workers in choosing the right career path.

The highest paying and in-demand jobs vary, based on the country or region the OFWs work.

In the Middle East, for instance, doctors and other health workers are among the highest paid workers. Pediatricians are paid an average salary of Php86,000 whereas engineers are generally paid around Php57,000, according to data from Jourse.com.

In the US, however, engineers are paid more at around Php99,000.

But in terms of jobs in general, and based on average salaries from across the world, the following are among the in-demand jobs for OFWs:

  • Healthcare (doctors, nurses, and vets) at around Php110,000
  • Public relations at around Php83,000
  • Aviation and aircraft maintenance at around Php81,000
  • Legal services at around Php80,000
  • Teaching and education at around Php62,000
  • Quality control (including chemists) at around Php58,000
  • Information technology and computers at around Php57,000
  • Engineering at around Php57,000

For more detailed data on jobs for OFWS, visit Jourse.com.