How to Avail of OWWA Scholarships for OFW Dependents

Understanding that many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) still need assistance in providing their families’ basic needs, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) offers scholarship programs for OFW dependents.

There are a number of options for scholarships available for OFW dependents. Two of these are directly offered by OWWA.

What are the Scholarship Programs?

Education for Development Scholarship Program

This program is offered to OFW dependents who wish to enroll or already enrolled in a 4 or 5-year course, in any preferred university. The scholarship amounts to Php60,000 per school year.

OFW Dependent Scholarship Program

This program is offered to OFW dependents who wish to enroll or already enrolled in a 4 or 5-year course, in state colleges and universities. The scholarship amounts to Php20,000 per school year.

Because tuition fees are now free in state colleges and universities, approved applicants can use the grant amount for other academic-related expenses.

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  • OFW must be an active OWWA member
  • Dependents must be OWWA member’s children or sibling
  • Dependents must not be over 21 years old
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must have passed the qualifying exams provided by the school he/she plans to study in
  • For incoming first years, applicant must belong to the upper 20% of the graduating class and must have no grade below 80%
  • For continuing students, applicant must have no grade lower than B or 85% in any subject attended in the previous school on a full load
  • Must not have a sibling also under OWWA’s scholarship programs


  • 2 pcs 2×2 ID of applicant (OFW dependent)
  • 2 accomplished application forms (can be downloaded from OWWA website)
  • Proof of OFW’s OWWA membership (OFW verification sheet or official receipt)
  • Proof of relationship to OWWA member
  • Medical certificate, with proof of applicant’s physical fitness
  • Certificate of good moral character (for freshmen applicants)
  • Transcript of school records
  • 2 copies of certification stating that applicant belongs to upper 20% of the graduating class
  • Parents’ statement that he/she has not earned units in any post-secondary or undergraduate course
  • Statement of applicant that he/she has no dual citizenship or has not applied for resident immigrant status in any country

When to Apply

Each year, OWWA only accepts a fixed number of applicants. In previous years, the limit was just 200 but this was increased to 1000 in 2017.

Applications are accepted in June of each year. If you missed this school year’s scholarships, make sure to stay ahead of the crowd for next year’s schedule by completing your documents now.