How to Increase Your Chances of Finding Work Abroad, Even Without Experience

Working abroad is a dream for many Filipinos; however, actually finding a job is a big challenge. Many have to shell out a lot of money, going into debt just to land that job abroad. Also, many employers require their workers to have experience.

But there are actually ways to find a job abroad, even if you don’t have experience.

Get Certified to Work Abroad

If you can’t find a job related to your field yet, it is a good idea to get ready for getting certified to work abroad. In the Philippines, TESDA offers various programs and trainings to enhance your skills. You have to pass the required exams to get the certification.

The skills you learn from these trainings could come handy when you search for a job.

Broaden Your Knowledge

In working abroad, you will encounter a lot of people who speak different languages. Perhaps the country you could find work in is not so keen on speaking English. Broaden your knowledge by learning a new language – and that’s going to be quite useful in finding work abroad.

Consider Volunteer Work

This is a sad fact that many workers have to face, just so they could find work abroad. Many nurses have to put in unpaid hours at the hospital, often through 2 years, just so they could have ‘experience’ written on their resume.

Aside from this volunteer work, however, there are also other opportunities for volunteer work that actually bring your abroad already. These volunteer programs don’t pay you for the work, but will provide food, travel, accommodations, and medical insurance.

The volunteer work would be great for your resume, plus you can use this as stepping stone in finding a job in that country or some other foreign place.

Be Willing to Accept Any Job

You might have set your eyes on the goal of finding a good job in line with your educational qualifications, but many have to settle first on jobs with lower pay but have plenty of hiring options. It is actually true that high school graduates might have more opportunities to land a job than someone with a Master’s Degree; though the pay would often by much smaller and your position will be low in the hierarchy.

A lot of managers and high-ranking workers in the Philippines end up being janitors, caregivers, service crew, and doing other menial jobs abroad. While their pay might be lower than what their Philippine job equivalent might have offered them abroad, finding jobs in these areas can be easier. Plus, their money might not be big abroad, but it would certainly be a great help to their families back in the Philippines – especially when the exchange rate is good.

Take Advantage of Social Networks

There are actually plenty of jobs being offered via social network these days because employers find it much easier to connect with digitally connected aspiring workers. You can use this to your advantage; though be wary of fake job offers and scams.