How to Process Authenticated ‘Red Ribbon’ Documents for Overseas Employment

Have you heard of the term ‘red ribbon’ while processing your documents for overseas employment?

The term ‘red ribbon’ is used for documents authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), including the Transcript of School Records (TOR), diploma, board/PRC license, and other school credentials. The official term is actually ‘DFA Authentication’ but because the authenticated documents bear a red ribbon beneath the seal, the term has been commonly used for years.

Why Process the Red Ribbon?

A lot of foreign employers seek DFA-authenticated documents, not just the original documents. This ensures that the employees they do accept have actually completed their studies because the documents have been verified against reputable sources, particularly the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Now, there have been reports of OFWs faking their credentials, even their red ribbon documents; however, don’t attempt this as that could lead to you getting blacklisted from future overseas employment if you get caught. Falsification of public documents is also punishable by law.

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How to Process the Red Ribbon?

Step 1. Get your documents (i.e. TOR and diploma from Registrar’s Office, board certification from PRC). Get at least three (3) originals or you can photocopy the original and have the remaining ones stamped with ‘Certified True Copy’ at the relevant office.

Step 2. Pay the fees and claim your documents at the schedule provided.

Step 3. Go to the nearest CHED office.

Step 4. Fill out the application form and present your documents for authentication.

Step 5. Pay the required fees. Make sure to keep your receipt!

Step 6. You will be provided with a claim stub for the red ribbon documents.

Step 7. Take note of the designated schedule as you might encounter problems if you do not show up on schedule.

Step 8. Claim your authenticated documents at the releasing windows of the DFA.

Can Someone Process the Red Ribbon for You?

There are a number of agencies offering red ribbon processing. You can avail of their services for faster, easier processing especially if you are abroad; however, take note that they do charge for their services.