How to Sponsor Your Spouse or Common-Law-Partner and Dependent Children in Canada

Once you become a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada and you are over 18 years old, you can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner as well as your dependent children. You must also be residing in Canada and have plans to stay in the country even when your sponsored relative becomes a permanent resident.

Those applying for Spouse or Common-law partner in Canada class can also apply for Open Work Permit for their spouse or partner.

Application Process

Step 1. Get your application package from Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) via their official website (

Use the dropdown options on the website to receive an application package that is tailor-made for your needs:

  • who is being sponsored
  • the country where the sponsored person resides
  • the country where the documents you’ll submit with the application were issued

You will be provided a checklist of forms and documents you need to submit, with links to instructions on how to properly fill out these forms.

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Make sure to print out this checklist and use it as guide in processing your documents. When passing your application, put the filled-out checklist on top.

Step 2. Gather the necessary documents, as stated on the checklist. Take note that your application will be rejected and returned to you without processing if the requested forms and documents are incomplete.

It is important to also take note that you only need to submit documents and forms that are requested on the checklist as these are tailor-made for your specific situation, depending on the answers you gave on the website form.

Step 3. Carefully fill out the forms.

Make sure to only provide factual information on the forms.

The agency warns: “It is a serious offence to give false or misleading information on these forms. The information on your application may be verified.

Forms should be full filled out and signed, if applicable. Don’t worry as a list of required signatures is also provided in your checklist.

Step 4. Pay the relevant fees.

The fees you need to pay will depend on your situation but CIC recommends that you pay the right of permanent resident fee (RPRF) amounting to CAD 490 (Php19,800) now, to avoid delays. You need to pay this before you can become a permanent resident.

The amount is refundable if your application is not approved.

Other fees:

  • Sponsoring your spouse: sponsorship fee of CAD 75 (Php3,000) and principal applicant processing fee of CAD 475 (Php19,150)
  • Sponsoring a dependent child, fees per child: sponsorship fee of CAD 75 (Php3,000) and processing fee of CAD 75 (Php3,000)

Make sure you print out your receipt, especially if you paid online. This is your proof of payment and will be needed later on.

Step 5. Double check your application to make sure there are no mistakes. Go back to the checklist to ensure you have filled out everything, signed the necessary forms, and have all the documents required.

Step 6. Submit the application. The CIC recommends, however, that you keep a photocopy for your own records.

If using courier service, send your applications to the following addresses.

Sponsorship for spouse living outside Canada and dependent children:

Case Processing Centre – Sydney

49 Dorchester Street

Sydney, NS

B1P 5Z2

Sponsorship for spouse living in Canada

Case Processing Centre – Mississauga

2 Robert Speck Parkway,

Suite 300

Mississauga, ON

L4Z 1H8

If using regular mail service, send your applications to the following:

Sponsorship for spouse living outside Canada and dependent children:

Case Processing Centre – Sydney

P.O. Box 9500

Sydney, NS

B1P 0H5

Sponsorship for spouse living in Canada

CPC Mississauga

P.O. Box 5040, Station B

Mississauga, ON

L5A 3A4

For more information, visit the CIC website.