“Huwag ka na lang kumibo kasi bobo ka talaga.” – Filipina Teller Degrades OFW In Hong Kong

We are used to hearing Filipinos being publicly embarrassed, abused and shamed by other nationalities but a Filipino degrading another Filipino is a different story. OFWs, or Overseas Filipino Workers are Filipinos who travel miles from their loved ones to work and earn in order to provide a better life for their families.

OFWs are today’s modern heroes because they send millions through money remittance centers and this helps the economy somehow.

Whatever your job abroad is, if you are a Filipino meeting a Filipino, it is just appropriate to help them, right? After all, your goal is to help your families in the Philippines.

Not nice at all

But this certain teller is the opposite of what we expect from other Filipino workers abroad.

A remitter called her attention because the teller mistakenly sent the money to Cebuana Lhuillier instead of sending it to Palawan Express.

The remitter was in a hurry at that time because the money was for emergency purposes. A loved one is in the hospital and needs the money to buy medicines. Medical emergencies like this are very crucial especially for family members who can’t be there for their families physically.

Looks like somebody’s having a bad day

So, she complained, saying:



“Ikaw din mismo dapat nagsabi sa customer na Palawan kami o Cebuana kasi ganun naman talaga ang ginagawa nyo ‘diba?”

And the teller’s response was intensely frustrating.



“Hindi ka nakakaintindi huwag ka na lang kumibo kasi bobo ka talaga.”



Their exchange of words were heated arguments of who was at fault. Then, the teller threatened the remitter that she can have her deported.

Rude employees like this, especially when they are Filipinos themselves, make us furious. Filipinos know exactly how life is back home, shouldn’t they just be helping each other out and just apologize when needed? Sometimes, pride takes a lot of space in our hearts just because we have better positions at life.

Watch the heated argument below: