Kid with OFW Parents Expects Chocolates in Balikbayan Box, Finds Her Dad Inside

In the Philippines, many families with overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have become used to receiving balikbayan boxes from abroad. Usually, the balikbayan boxes are filled with chocolates and other sweet treats. Many of these boxes also come with soap, shampoo, clothes, shoes, bags, and other items that the OFWs got for their family and friends.

One girl whose parents are both OFWs is used to receiving balikbayan boxes from them, just like many other families.

Recently, a balikbayan box arrived and she already knew what was inside: chocolates and her favorite things! Well, that’s what she thought,anyway.

What she didn’t know is that her father decided to surprise her with a vacation this Christmas. She thought that her parents would be home next year but because they took pity on her, they decided that one of them should go home this year to be with their precious princess.

Netizen Marco Caesar shared the video, narrating that his niece had fully expected that this was just an ordinary balikbayan box.

It did look like one and the kid happily posed beside it, smiling from ear to ear as she knew her parents would be happy seeing her by the box they had worked hard for.

After taking the standard picture beside the box, the girl eagerly opened the box fully expecting to find gifts inside but the box had no chocolates. Instead, she found her dad inside!

It was a tear-jerking moment as the kid could not contain her joy and excitement at seeing her dad. Tears fell down her face as her dad stood up to hug her.

The OFW dad got out of the box and picked up his daughter, hugging the crying girl.

The lovely moment would go viral on social media, with many netizens saying they can relate with the family and wished they could also go home for Christmas to surprise their loved ones.