Lucky Domestic Workers Receive End-of-Service Benefits from Kind Employers in Kuwait

We hear a lot of news about maltreated Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait and other places in the Middle East, but some lucky ones recently received their end-of-service benefits – and that’s certainly an unexpected bonus that we’re all cheering for!

Domestic Workers and Benefits

Did you know that you might be entitled to end-of-service benefits, even if you’re a domestic worker? Many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) expressed surprise after learning about this from the post of POLO Kuwait (Philippine Overseas Labor Office).


Photo credit: POLO Kuwait

Just this March 2022, the government agency was able to process several end-of-service benefit claims requested by kind Kuwaiti employers who personally went to the office to ask what benefits their domestic helpers are entitled to! Aren’t they lucky?

Photo credit: POLO Kuwait

Photo credit: POLO Kuwait

Tignan niyo kabayan sila po ang mga  kabayan naten na domestic worker na end of contract na sa kanilang employer na nakakuha ng kanilang end of service benefit o indemnity sa kanilang employer. Ang kanilang employer ay bumisita sa POLO para tanungin ang tamang kalkulasyon ng kanilang End of Service Benefits bago ito ibigay sa kanilang worker,” read POLO’s post on its official Facebook page.

Kung ikaw ay end of contract na sa iyong employer at hindi na babalik kausapin lamang ang iyong employer at kung hindi man ito magbigay na naaayon sa batas ng Kuwait bago ang iyong flight maaari kang pumunta sa POLO para mag seek ng assistance sa Joint Assistance Desk.

But many OFWs commented on the post, saying that they never received theirs despite talking to their previous employers about it.

Photo credit: POLO Kuwait

Photo credit: POLO Kuwait

Photo credit: POLO Kuwait

Some even said that their employers got angry at them and are now treating them badly or ignoring them after they told them they’re quitting but entitled to the end-of-service benefits.

End-of-Service Benefits in Kuwait

Under Kuwait’s labor laws, this is what you might be entitled to:

“The workers who are paid on monthly basis shall be entitled to 15 days for each of the first five years of service and one-month remuneration for each year thereafter.

The total end of service benefit shall not exceed one-and-a-half-year remuneration.”

All loans and credits by the worker can be deducted from this benefit.