Lucky OFW Receives Lavish Gifts from Kind Employers Annually for 10+ Years

A lucky OFW (overseas Filipino worker) is making waves online after sharing how her kind employers have surprised her with gifts annually for the past 10+ years that she’s been working for them. Many netizens expressed their happiness in seeing such good news – and also feel a bit envious that she’s getting this wonderful treatment from her employers in Qatar.

Lucky OFW Gets Gifts from Kind Employer in Qatar

There are so many OFWs, especially domestic or household workers who don’t get good treatment from their employers. This is especially true to countries in the Middle East. Countless OFWs had to escape from their unkind employers, fearing for their lives.

Yet there are also many who are lucky enough to have kind employers who don’t just treat them like family but also give them more than the perks and benefits written on their contract.

Photo credit: Kami

Jovelyn Castillon, 41, has been with her kind employers in Qatar for over a decade – and she doesn’t want to leave them anytime soon.

Though many OFWs are having trouble with bad employers, she’s lucky to have found kind ones.

Each year, on her birthday, they never fail to surprise her with lavish gifts!

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they continued to provide of her needs and never failed to give her the salary that she’s due.

Photo credit: Magda Paraschiv

Thanks to her kind employers, Castillon was able to send all her children to college. They are now working. Not only that, she was also able to start a milk tea business and printing business managed by her family.

Habang may lakas pa, mag-ipon or magpundar na, di habang buhay maging katulong. Darating ang araw, uuwi din sa Pinas at least may source of income na,” she advised other OFWs.

She’s truly grateful with her job, especially because she only had a very small salary back when she was working as a sales clerk in the Philippines.

OFWs in Qatar

As many as 240,000 OFWs are working in Qatar. Of this number, more than 90,000 are household service workers (HSWs). The rest are engineers, nurses, architects, teachers, accountants, laborers, ground stewards, and service workers.