Man Riding a Lamborghini Makes Money ‘Fall from Sky’ in Hong Kong

A man riding a flashy Lamborghini has made waves on social media for making money ‘fall from the sky’ in Hong Kong – and a lot of people have enjoyed picking up as much of the cash as they could, including a number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who were lucky enough to be on that particular spot when it literally rained money. Wow!

It all started when the man in the Lamborghini arrived at Fuk Wa Street, Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. Although the street was busy at the time,the man started filming and asking his viewers:

Today, December 15,is FCC’s big day in announcing the trading race. I hope everyone here will pay attention to this important event …[I] don’t know whether any of you will believe money can fall from the sky.

As he finished talking, the camera pans out and shows money falling from the sky – or at least from the balcony of one of the tall buildings in the area. As the banknotes flew down to the street below and even further as the wind blew them away, a lot of surprised people began to collect the money.

This would soon lead to a traffic jam in the busy street as people were in a frenzy to pick up as much money as they could.

While many people were happy with the downpour of blessings from the sky, the cops were not amused. The ‘money rain’ had caused a traffic jam as many people went to the middle of the street to catch the money.

Police have since traced the publicity stunt to Wong Ching-kit, known online as the ‘Coin Young Master’. He is identified as the owner of Epoch Cryptocurrency, a Facebook page that promotes cryptocurrency.

However, due to the stunt, he could be in trouble with the law and might face not just fines of up to HK$5,000 ($640 or Php34,000) but also jail time of up to 12 months. Oooops.

Don’t blame it on me,I also don’t know why money could fall from the sky,” the young man simply shrugged when asked why he did it.

The police are not going to believe that excuse, of course…

12月15號係FCC既大日子因為意味着fcc交易比賽公佈頭獎得主有機會贏取2000萬港幣現金一至50名都會有獎獎品總值超過4000萬簡單可能玩$100蚊都有機會贏取頭獎今次係fcc係全港第一條公鏈亦係我哋香港人可以賺盡中國市場錢的唯一機會想賺首期買樓 過更好既生活一定要買fcc 因為簡直係中國人送錢比香港人洗賺到錢對的感謝返我哋偉大嘅祖國今日既主題係劫富濟貧我自細就有一個夢想 希望做一個正義使者 超級英雄 可能好多人會因為年紀逐漸長大被工作不停磨滅 所以失去左這個心我亦非常能夠體會 因為我都曾經辛苦過 只係幣圈世界太過夢幻 短短幾年時間就可以令到我重拾童真唔知大家有冇想像過會有一日錢可以從天而降我幣少爺 今日企係度話俾你地知 只要你有夢想 就所有事情都係有機會發生錢就係從天而降。

Posted by 幣少爺-新世代礦業 on Friday, December 14, 2018