OFW Becomes a Multimillionaire After Winning P136M in UAE Lottery

As luck would have it, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has scooped the prize in the UAE lottery.

For the last ten years, “Paterio” (whose real name has been concealed due to security concerns) has worked as a material contract supervisor at an oil and gas company in Fujairah, an emirate north of Dubai. Now, he is ready to pack his bags and go back to his family in the Philippines after winning the lottery’s jackpot worth AED10 million or approximately P136.32 million.

ofw wins uae lottery

Screenshot: Gulf News

During his presentation to the media, Paterio was overjoyed with his luck and good fortune. “This amount will allow my family and I to pursue any and every dream we have. I wouldn’t have been able to save such a huge amount even if I had worked for a hundred years,” the 52-year-old OFW was quoted saying on Gulf News.

Going back home for good

The lucky Filipino worker has two sons, one of which is suffering from cerebral palsy. Paterio said he is looking forward to giving his son the best medical care he could now afford.

“There are some dreams AED 10,000,000 can’t fulfill, like helping my child who can’t walk or sit and live a normal life. But this money will definitely help me take care of his medical expenses and give him the best at-home hospice care possible. I will remain forever grateful to Mahzooz for that,” Patricio said.

The OFW shared that being away from his family for years is no easy task. But with his winnings, he couldn’t wait to be with them and live a comfortable life. Paterio added, “I’ve spent the last decade toiling away alone in Madagascar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to ensure that my family is comfortable. It’s time for me to be with them and help care for my children.”

uae lottery

Screenshot: Gulf News

Farid Samji, CEO of Mahzooz that launched the lottery, admitted that Patricio’s stroke of luck made him believe in a “superior energy” listening to our prayers.

“It’s God’s blessing that I have won such a big amount,” Paterio said.

Future plans with his winnings

He plans to build his wife a beautiful family home, buy a pick-up truck and make a few investments with his prize money. He clarified that he is a simple guy and enjoys a lowkey lifestyle. “The pickup truck is for a business that my wife and I plan to invest the prize money in. I’m a normal guy who enjoys a simple, low-profile life. The fact that this money allows me to offer my family a beautiful future is the greatest gift of all for me,” Paterio explained.

Paterio won the Dh10 million jackpot after matching five of the five winning numbers: 4, 26, 36, 37, and 38. Paterio is the 19th millionaire in Mahzooz’s history. He is also the first grand prize winner in Mahzooz’s new game design, which debuted two weeks ago.