OFW Escapes Employers, Gets Taken Advantage by Pakistani Taxi Driver

A lot of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are maltreated by their heartless employers. Sadly, a lot of them are forced to escape. But there are those who experience worse fate in the hands of their ‘rescuers’!

According to Kwentong OFW, a Pinay tried to escape her employers, but though she successfully managed to do it, she ended up in the hospital after the Pakistani taxi driver who ‘helped’ her actually took advantage of her womanhood.

The woman was identified as Tata Glang Bandoc, 28, from Sultan Kudarat in southern Philippines. Six months ago, Bandoc found a job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nadzker Hartnett

But the young lady was treated badly by her employers. She is not even given enough food and is often maltreated. Seeing that there had been a lot of other Pinays who were able to find help in escaping from their employers, and because she could no longer handle the situation, Bandoc also ran away.

At first, she was thankful as she was able to get to the highway and away from her employers’ home. A taxi gave her a ride, but this proved to be much worse fate than what she experienced in the hands of her employers.

The Pakistani taxi driver took advantage of Bandoc. After the deed, she was given 50 riyals (Php700) but she refused to accept the money. But Bandoc had suffered injuries from the deed and the Pakistani taxi driver got scared after seeing that she was bleeding; he left quickly.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nadzker Hartnett

Thankfully, there were kindhearted Filipinos who found her and rushed her to the hospital. Bandoc needed reconstructive surgery on her genitals and blood transfusion.

As of press time, Bandoc is recuperating at King Saud Medical City, Maternity Hospital but is in need of financial assistance as well as help in going back to the Philippines. Poor OFW…

Posted by Nadzker Hartnett on Wednesday, January 9, 2019