OFW Finally Gets to Renovate Dream House after 15 Years Abroad

An OFW finally gets to renovate their dream house after 15 years of working abroad – and it’s something that they’ve been planning to do since they got the unit in 1996. Isn’t that wonderful?

OFW Renovates Dream House

Plenty of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) are unable to build their own house because they have lots of other more important things to pay for while working abroad.

Of course, that’s not an absolute rule since there are also others who were able to build a house. There’s even one OFW who build three homes in the Philippines while working in Israel.

Still, like many other OFWs, Joyce Espaldon shared that she wasn’t able to build her dream home right away.

But now that she’s semi-retired after 15 years of working abroad, they were finally able to get the house renovated to their dream home.

She’s happy to announce on Facebook group, PERFECT HOUSE DESIGNS PH, that the house renovation is complete and the family was able to spend their first Christmas together in that house, after 15 years apart.

Espaldon encourages the other members of the group to continue praying, have patience, and continue working so they can reach for their dreams.

Beautiful Changes to an OFW Home

According to Espaldon’s post, they acquired the unit in 1996. And while the unit appears to be similar to its neighboring units, the family was able to make theirs stand out but adding a balcony at the second floor.

The interiors have also been upgraded, with nearly everything changed – from the floor tiles to the ceiling with updated lights. Some walls were also knocked off to create extensions that made the house bigger.

Even the stairs got updated to something modern. Their bathroom and landing also look much better now.

Aside from updating the kitchen’s look, the family also incorporated a front-loading washing machine and a range oven with hood.

Is Renovating Better Than Building a New House?

That actually depends on a lot of factors, including your budget, the style you want to achieve, and the integrity or sturdiness of the existing structure. Still, that can be done because other people even build their home a little at a time.

It’s best to consult a trusted contractor, such as an architect, to assess your home and help you create plans for the renovated one.