OFW Finds Bundle of Money While Cleaning, Thinks It’s an Honesty Test

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Malaysia recently found a bundled of money while cleaning. She didn’t take the cash, believing this was an honesty test; however, she took photos of the money and was rather amused at what she found.

Being an OFW is certainly not a joke, especially if you work as domestic helper where you can face a lot of challenges. One could only hope that they get assigned to kindhearted employers who would give them proper food and allow them to rest.

Photo credit: OFW Update / Pinoy OFW in Malaysia – Facebook

There are those who are lucky to have generous employers who give them lavish gifts, but many just hope they would be given the salary they are due and that they have a good employee-employer relationship.

Trust is a major issue for domestic helpers, especially because many are left on their own in their employer’s house for many hours. They have the chance to go through their employers’ things and valuables, even perhaps taking some things that the employers might not even notice.

On Facebook group Pinoy OFW in Malaysia, one domestic helper reportedly shared photos of a bundle of money she found while cleaning her employer’s house. With the money in crisp bills, it was obvious that the wad of cash was new.

Photo credit: OFW Update / Pinoy OFW in Malaysia – Facebook

In the post, the OFW revealed that her employer had asked her to clean the house last week, but she had actually only done it that day when she found the money. While the wad of cash was quite a big amount of money, the domestic helper was not tempted to take it.

“Pa post po admin.. share ko lang😂 sabi ng amo q last week simulan ko na daw mag linis kasi malapit na ang CNY.. pero ngayon lang ako maglilinis 😂 tas ito makikita ko sa taas 😂😂 ano to pain? lah! di ako nasisilaw😂 my sahod naman ako. padaanan ko.lng ng basahan yan😂😂😂😂” the OFW wrote, as shared by OFW Update.

Some netizens suggested that she should have taken the money from the spot and handed it to her employers so they would know she found it but had no intention of taking the cash. Others said it was already alright that she just cleaned the area and didn’t touch the money.

Photo credit: OFW Update / Pinoy OFW in Malaysia – Facebook

Kudos to this OFW for being honest!