OFW Gets Blocked by Close Friend after Not Buying a Gucci or MK Bag

An OFW gets blocked by a close friend, just because she didn’t buy her a Gucci or MK bag!

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is not easy. While OFWs earn more money than their local counterparts working in the Philippines, they also have a sacrifice a lot and have also paid a lot to get to where they are now.

Sadly, there are people who think that OFWs are so rich and they, as friends or family members, are entitled to the expensive and branded items that are readily available abroad. Of course, what these people fail to consider is that these OFWs worked hard to buy the branded items – and they are not required to buy expensive items for their friends and family as well!

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

Lynne Cherrie of Cagayan de Oro City in southern Philippines now works as OFW. Because she’s about to enjoy another vacation, she has started collecting some pasalubongs to bring her close friends and family.

Sharing a photo of some sling bags, she told them to pick the one they liked best. But while she received excited replies from most of them, she was surprised when one asked her for a Gucci or MK bag which are expensive brands.

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

The OFW did not mention the name of her friend and had covered the names for privacy, but she angrily shared their conversation because she couldn’t believe that her friend of 8 years would actually block her because she won’t buy the branded bags the girl mentioned!

In the conversation the two exchanged in Bisaya, Lynne sent her friend the photo and told her to pick one bag. The friend asked if there’s a Gucci or MK; Lynne replied that the seller has those brands she can’t afford to buy them. She told the friend to just pick from the photo she sent.

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

The friend got angry a bit, telling her she’s stingy. Then, the friend suggested that she should just give one of the expensive bags from her collection so she won’t have to buy. This friend added that she wants to choose from the collection because ‘may mga tatak’ (these are branded).

Lynne laughingly replied that she can’t give her friend the bags she wanted because most had been gifts. She added that she had only messaged a handful of people to buy them pasalubong because she doesn’t really have a lot of money to spared. She added further that the bags in the photo are actually great.

But the friend continued to insist on getting a ‘bag na may tatak’ from her collection. What’s worse, the girl added that she doesn’t really like the sling bags Lynne is offering!

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

When Lynne told her again that she feels disappointed with the reply because she had only messaged a few of her friends to receive bags and all but this woman were excited, she got blocked! Shocked over what her friend did, Lynne could not help but share their convo.

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

What a sad way to end an 8-year friendship…

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