OFW Guide to Working in Singapore

A lot of people dream of working in Singapore, especially after because of the many good things they heard about this lovely country. Just about 4 hours away by plane, the lure of a good salary, and having a lot of cultural similarities with the Philippines, it is no wonder that the country is among the top 10 favorite working destinations for Filipinos.

As overseas Filipino worker (OFW), here are the things you need to know about living and working in Singapore…

Straightforward People

Singaporeans are straightforward people; this means that they will tell you exactly what they think or how they want things to be done. Considered as the least emotional of people, Singaporeans could easily hurt a Pinoy’s pride if you’re not aware of this. To cope, just don’t take things personally.

While they observe proper etiquette and won’t insult you, they won’t use euphemisms like Pinoys often do.

Plus, you’ve got to leave the ‘Filipino time’ behind you. You must always be on time in Singapore.

“Fine City”

Singapore is one of the cleanest, most beautiful places in the world. But this is due to the innate discipline the people have – and the fact that fines could be quite hefty if you commit a mistake such as throwing a piece of trash carelessly around!

There are so many things that Pinoys take for granted in the Philippines that aren’t allowed in Singapore, such as PDAs, smoking, throwing trash, same-gender relationship, etc. If you want to stay out of trouble, read the rules and follow them.

Singapore is Expensive, But There are Cheap Options Available

The cost of living is high in Singapore, but the upside is that the pay rate is high and the taxes are low. Still, you could easily spend all your money in a day if you aren’t careful.

Make a budget and stick to it. It’s also a good idea to research on places you can visit on a bargain as well as cheap options for food. For instance, you can find cheap eats at Maxwell Food Centre and similar spots with plenty of food stalls.

Transportation is Very Reliable, But You Can Walk

Singapore is a walking-friendly place. But if you want to arrive at your destination faster, you have nothing to worry about because transportation options are very reliable in this country. You can even download an app to check real-time schedules and departures of trains and buses. Cabs are also readily available.

Excellent Government Services

Unlike in the Philippines, government services are fast and reliable in Singapore. Just make sure you arrive on time for your appointment – and you’d surely be done in just a few minutes.

Singapore is a Very Safe Country

Amazingly, despite seemingly not having a lot of policemen patrolling the streets, Singapore remains a very safe country. You can whip out your iPhone and snap photos everywhere you go, without fear of your phone getting snatched.

In general, just follow the rules in Singapore and don’t take anything they tell you personally – and you’ll have a great time working in this country.