OFW in Jordan Doesn’t Have Own Room, Sleeps Inside the Toilet

A lot of Filipinos think that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have it easy; that they are enjoying fun jobs with big salaries abroad. While the salary might be big, there are still a lot of times when the OFWs have to endure other hardships throughout their stay in these other countries.

Not all employers are kind to their workers. Many don’t even think about their employees’ welfare and do not provide them with humane working conditions. Others even try to pay their employees less than what they are supposed to receive, even if they have a contract.

Recently, another domestic helper in Jordan is seeking help for a better life and to perhaps escape from her heartless employers who have not provided her with a decent place to sleep. In fact, the OFW does not have her own room and was forced to sleep inside the toilet!

As can be seen in the photos shared on Facebook by a certain Selah M. Jasa, the unnamed worker had taken a selfie inside the toilet which also doubled as her bedroom. Beside the toilet bowl is a ledge where a tub might have been placed in the past.

Instead of the bath tub, however, a bed was placed on the spot – and this is where the OFW had to sleep.

She didn’t also have a closet to put her clothes in; thus, she simply has to place these clothes on her bed. This works a bit to her advantage since she also doesn’t seem to have a pillow or blanket. So, she simply has to use her clothes as pillow.

The unnamed OFW’s plight angered a lot of netizens who called for the Philippine Embassy officials in Jordan to rescue her. Sadly, she’s not the only one suffering difficult work conditions abroad.

In the past, a number of OFWs shared photos of their tiny makeshift bedrooms. Others only get to sleep in the kitchen but there are those who are actually made to sleep outside the house! Sad…

Image credits: Facebook / Selah M. Jasa