OFW in Kuwait Can’t Talk, Can’t Even Recognize Family and Close Friends

A poor overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait can’t talk and can’t even recognize her family and close friends. Her sister is calling for help from anyone in the Philippines who can help bring her home, but netizens said it would be more dangerous for her to travel in her condition.

With the COVID-19 crisis still affecting the world, flights are limited and there could be danger of the OFW contracting the virus on her long trip for home.

Family of Sick OFW Seeks Help

Joylyn Eulatriz, an OFW in Kuwait with Facebook name Devine Rose, shares some videos and photos of her sister, also an OFW in Kuwait. Identified only as ‘Let Let’ with Facebook name Faith Hope, the poor OFW is suffering from a still mysterious condition that appears to have affected her brain.

Let Let could not talk and only looks bewildered as her close friends in Kuwait talked to her. She does not appear to recognize any of them – and she can’t move. She was brought to Al Amiri Hospital where she is still currently confined.

According to her sister, Let Let suffers from brain infection and heart failure. However, they had no idea what caused her to suffer these conditions and whether there is still treatment for her. Someone taking the video prays that there could still be cure for Let Let while others are saying she should be brought back home.

Since she also works as domestic helper, Joylyn could not help a lot in taking care of her sister. They are calling on Raffy Tulfo in Action and various government agencies to repatriate Let Let from Kuwait. More people could take care of her back in the Philippines.

OFW sa KUWAIT, hindi makakilala at hindi makapagsalita!

OFW sa KUWAIT, hindi makakilala at hindi makapagsalita! Humihingi sila ng tulong na mapauwi sa Pilipinas si kabayan!

Posted by The Viral King on Saturday, September 5, 2020

But many are concerned that she isn’t fit to travel in her condition and could be more at risk of contracting COVID-19 along the way.

Photo credit: Faith Hope / Facebook

Raffy Tulfo in Action Helps OFWs

While the government has assigned a lot of agencies to cater to the needs of OFWs, a lot have resorted to Raffy Tulfo in Action for help. Many believe that their concerns are best addressed if they go to Tulfo, though they do have to wait a long time because there are many others who are also in line to ask for assistance.