OFW Loses Her Valuables in Flight from Damman to Jeddah

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is no joke. Many have to sacrifice time with their family, spending many months or years abroad just to provide them a better life.

And though OFWs might be earning more money, they are also working harder for this money. Thus, they greatly deserve to keep whatever money or valuables they might have gotten abroad or even bought in the Philippines.

Recently, however, an OFW traveling from Dammam to Jeddah lost most of her valuables in the flight after following the instructions given at the airport.

Another OFW working in Saudi, Dawnpearl Perlas Delacruz, shared a video of the OFW who was crying after she discovered that her valuables were lost.

The Delacruz and the other OFW were on the same flight; thankfully, Delacruz had her valuables intact.

But the other OFW was not as lucky. She was told by staff at the airport in Damman to place her carry-on bag inside the check-in luggage. Knowing that most of her valuables were inside the carry-on bag, the OFW refused at first and told the staff about her fear that the bag might get lost.

She was assured by the staff that things like that don’t happen in Saudi. Knowing how strict Saudi is when it comes to implementing the law, with perpetrators receiving heavy penalty for their actions, the OFW reluctantly followed the staff’s instructions.

It was only when they arrived in Jeddah that the OFW regretted trusting the staff that her luggage was safe. At the airport in Jeddah, her bag was already open when it reached the baggage carousel. She hurriedly inspected her bag but it was too late; her valuables were gone!

The OFW could not trace where the theft happened as the baggage was already open, reported OFW Update. Sadly, it is possible that the airline would not refund her over the lost items, considering that most airlines warn passengers never to put valuables inside their check-in luggage.

Ayan po kasabay ko noong Nov. 26, galing kame damman to Jedah kawawa talaga ninakawan Cia Pati pinaghirapan nya ninakaw lahat. Sana may action agad. Mga kababayan na uuwi jn ingat kau pag inalok kau na ilagay nlang sa luggage ang hand carry nyo wag na kau magtiwala kc wala kau kasiguraduhan jn bitbitin nu nalang kc I'm sure ganito mangyayri sa inyu pag nag tiwala kayo. God bless……

Posted by Dawnpearl Perlas Delacruz on Thursday, November 29, 2018