OFW Pretends to be Tricycle Driver to Surprise Mom in Homecoming Video

It is always sweet how many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) look forward to their homecoming as they get to see their family after many years of being abroad. And while it is also sad that there are times when the homecoming is not as happy as they expected and that they end up in sad tears, there are still more stories of OFWs arriving home and being greeted with happy tears!

In a video that recently went viral, garnering over 3 million views, an OFW pretended to be a tricycle driver to surprise his mother in a sweet homecoming video. Coming home for a vacation from his job abroad, OFW Michael Francisco decided to surprise his mother, Gloria Francisco.

He packed his luggage in such a way that they would look like balikbayan boxes. Then, he hired a tricycle driver to deliver these to their house but spoke with the driver about the surprise so that the guy would let him pretend that he’s the driver.

Shared by CA Givhen TV, the video shows the OFW’s mother as she walks outside the house because a tricycle arrived with supposed balikbayan boxes from her son. The real driver told her that they were delivering the balikbayan boxes in a tricycle because their truck broke down. She glanced at the driver seated on the motorcycle but didn’t realize it was her son.

Nanay Gloria was busy giving instructions as to where to put the boxes that she didn’t think much about the ‘driver’ whose huge tattoo actually shows her face! Even when the girl taking the video told her about the tattoo, she didn’t really think much about it, until the ‘driver’ finally removed the mask on his face.

It was only then that Nanay Gloria realized the surprise! She ran to embrace her son in the sweet video that got many OFWs crying…

Here’s the sweet clip:

OFW umuwi ng pinas at nag panggap na tricycle driver para supresahin ang kanyang nanay.(damay ang kanyang lolo)Pina tattoo din nya ang portrait ng kanyang nanay sa kanyang braso

Posted by CA Givhen TV on Friday, November 29, 2019

Best Homecoming Surprise Ideas

There are many ways to surprise your family with your homecoming. Here are some ideas:

Pretending to be waiter/waitress at restaurant

‘Randomly’ meeting them outside the house

Announcement on PA where they are attending special event

Dressing up as Santa or a mascot

Going to their classroom or workplace

Just walk inside the house unannounced (but you probably shouldn’t do this in the middle of the night)