OFW Retrieves Bag with Php200k from Taxi Driver, Thanks to MIAA Officials

A lot of Filipinos do not trust the people at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), mostly because of the many incidents reported about the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) finding ways to supposedly ‘earn’ money from passengers.

But one overseas Filipino worker (OFW) recently shared a wonderful experience at the airport wherein the MIAA officials were the ones who actually helped retrieve a lost bag that contained over Php200k.

Catalina Frado had arrived at the NAIA earlier in the week. She boarded a taxi but accidentally left her bag inside the cab. What’s rather sad is that she was not able to take note of the taxi’s body number or plate number.

Photo credit: Business Mirror / CNN

Because the bag contained valuables, Catalina sought the help of MIAA officials who were able to trace the driver of the taxi she had boarded from the NAIA terminal.

After a brief investigation on the matter, MIAA officials were able to track down the cab driver; however, when asked about the bag, the unnamed cab driver denied at first that he had any knowledge about the OFW’s bag.

But after much prodding, the unnamed cab driver eventually admitted that he found the bag but said he had given it to a ‘friend’.

Thanks to the intervention of the MIAA officials, Catalina was able to retrieve her bag from the taxi driver. In gratitude, the OFW wrote a letter of commendation to MIAA general manager Ed Monreal, praising the MIAA officials who assisted her in retrieving the bag with valuables inside.

A lot of netizens also praised these officials for their assistance, with many saying that they hope bags and valuables found inside the NAIA will also be returned to the rightful owners.

But did you know that this actually happens more often than we thought? Recently, an OFW was able to receive the wallet she lost at the NAIA 7 months ago, with Php93k still intact!