OFW Secretly Helps Fellow Domestic Helper Locked Up by Employers, Gives Her Food

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is secretly helping her fellow domestic helper who is being locked up and given no food by her employers.

According to Angie Abiera who shared a video on her social media account, it was already 1AM but the domestic helper at the neighboring house still has not eaten. She did not also have any water and was being locked up by her employers.

Taking pity on the other woman, Angie brought her some food and water. But it was clear that both women were scared of their respective employers as they talked in whispers, afraid that they might be discovered.

Angie was hoping that the other OFW would find help soon, particularly in leaving her employer’s house in Riyadh. Apparently, she has coordinated with the woman’s agency to save the woman, promising her that she would do everything she can to get the domestic helper out of that house.

It is unknown how long the other OFW has been locked up and not given food, but it turned out her employers were not also giving her salary. She clearly needs to be rescued as soon as possible!

Many netizens urge Angie to share more details about the OFW, particularly where they are located so she can be saved quickly but others believe she is keeping these details private to ensure the other woman’s privacy. Many also urged the woman’s family to find help through Raffy Tulfo in Action.

Everyone is hoping that this OFW will be rescued soon because her employers truly sound like bad people. Some netizens were also helping out. Let’s all pray she will be out of that house ASAP!

Here’s the heartbreaking video:

Posted by Angie Abiera on Thursday, January 2, 2020


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