OFW Seeks Help to Get Baby from Ex-BF Who Brought the Child to Mindanao

A lot of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) experience the heartbreak of broken relationships because either or both parties could not sustain a long-distance relationship. Sometimes they just break up for petty reasons.

Sadly, the break up becomes more complicated when there are children involved, even if they are not married.

Cecil Abon sought the help from Raffy Tulfo to get her baby back from her ex-boyfriend.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

According to Abon, when she and her ex-boyfriend broke up, she decided to let her mother take care of the baby. Both she and her ex-boyfriend, Jeryle Llausas, sent support to the child and this did not become a problem for the next months.

However, things changed when Llausas ‘borrowed’ the child named Nicole so she could spend her birthday with him. Abon agreed, considering that Llausas is still the child’s dad even if they are no longer together as a couple.

Llausas brought the child to Misamis Oriental in Mindanao, southern Philippines, and promised to return her after her birthday.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

But he kept on changing the scheduled date of when he would return the kid back to Abon’s mother.

In March 2018, Abon was ready to send Llausas money for fare to Manila, but he changed the schedule to May. She agreed, but in May, he once again moved the schedule to September. Since she was still working abroad, there was nothing she could do about it.

By September, Llausas told her he would only return the baby when Abon arrives. Now that she is back in the Philippines, Llausas continues to refuse her request to return the child. The distraught mom had no choice but to seek help from Tulfo.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Through the show, local agencies promised to help assist Abon in getting the child back from her ex-boyfriend. Tulfo sought the help of social worker Flor Patillero and PO1 Yrra Del Aquilam of Misamis Oriental WCPD.

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