OFW Shares Before and After Pics of House, Inspires Netizens

Working abroad is never a guarantee that you will become rich and live a better life. There are just so many reasons why that might not happen. That’s why it is always inspiring to see that there are people who managed to truly improve their lives and give their families a better future.

Recently, an overseas Filipino worker went viral after she shared before and after photos of their home as it truly shows a marked improvement in the structure. OFW Ginalyn Casay (FB: Ginalyn Junkurt) shared photos of their home, the fruits of her labor in her job abroad.

The before and after photos truly impressed netizens because the marked improvement in the structure means that she had worked hard to build her family a better life. This photo also shows that the family she left back home in the Philippines are not wasting her money and are properly using her remittance to improve their lives, starting with improving their home.

In the ‘before’ photo, the house looks dilapidated. It appears to have been built from makeshift materials in some portions. Set in the middle of the field at their hometown in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, the house is small and made of light materials. The roof is thatched nipa, with the walls being made of various types of wood.

Seeking to provide her family with a better life, Ginalyn worked in Hong Kong. Sadly, their home got totaled during a typhoon as their place is prone to flooding. Thankfully, with her earnings in Hong Kong, Ginalyn was able to provide her family with a better house.

The new house is much larger than their old home. Moreover, it is now made of concrete and steel, ensuring that it won’t easily be destroyed by the frequent floods that affect their area.

What are Light Materials?

Light materials are materials that are lightweight. While most buildings with light materials such as a bahay kubo might not be considered as durable, these days there are new materials that are lightweight yet strong enough for use in construction.