OFW Shares Bittersweet Video of Homecoming as Child No Longer Knows Her

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) felt mixed emotions as she comes home after 2 years in Saudi Arabia, because her child no longer knows her!

While most kids feel so close with their mothers that they would always look for their moms even if their dads are around, that’s different when the kids don’t live with their mother. Many OFW moms experience getting rejected by their children who don’t recognize them, particularly when they left when the kids were still babies.

OFW Mariabel Delapeña Rustia had been working in Saudi Arabia for 2 years. And just like many OFWs, she was excited to go back home as she misses her family so much. She was looking forward to being with her child, whom she left with her parents back when the baby was still 7 months old.

But as she arrives home, the happy homecoming turned to sadness because her child screams in fear, thinking she is a stranger. While she was so close with her baby when she was staying in the Philippines, things changed when she left for Saudi.

She wanted to give her family a better life and take them out of debt, but she shared that she made a mistake because the debts are still there – and her child no longer knows her! For 2 years, she worked hard to give her family a better life, but she ended up still in deep financial trouble and a child who wouldn’t even want to be with her.

Mariabel came to a realization that being an OFW might not be the ideal thing to do, especially because she feels hurt that her child does not know her. Based on her post, she might be thinking of not going back to Saudi so she could spend more time with her child. We’re all hoping the kid would warm up to her soon…

Here’s the heartbreaking video:


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