OFW Shares How Her Employer Treats Her Well

We often hear about the physical abuse and bad treatment that overseas Filipino workers (OFW) get from their employers. It has become a very traumatic experience for some that they vow not to work in another country again. However, one OFW has a different story. Sam Mantha was fortunate to have an employer who does not only treats her well but is also concerned about her happiness and well-being.

At first, this OFW and her employer started on a wrong foot. But later, they started to get to know each other well and the OFW found out that her employer has a good heart.

Sam Mantha

Image: Kami.com.ph/Sam Mantha

When her employment contract ended, the employer was quick to extend her stay.

The best thing is that the employer even increased her salary when the exchange rate went low during the pandemic. She is proud of her ‘madam’ whom she also treated as her second mother.

A nice ‘madamme’

One day, she was told to accompany her ‘madam’ to buy fish. When they were not able to see fresh ones, they went inside a grocery.

She said that they just went around the grocery picking up random items. Only when they returned home did she noticed that most of the things they bought was for her.

“Salute talaga ako sa madam ko na super love ako. Alam kasi niya na tulala ako madalas sa nakikita ko sa balita sa Pilipinas,” the OFW shares.

Sam Mantha

Image:Kami.com.ph/Sam Mantha

She was very thankful for all the things that her employer gave her. In reply, the employer said, “I want you always happy”.

Upon hearing this, the OFW said she felt guilty, so she said responded by saying that she will be happy the next day.

In exchange for her good deeds, the OFW offered to braid the hair of her employer before she goes to bed.