OFW Slams Cebu Pacific for Allegedly Opening Her Luggage, Telling Her to Make Complaint Via FB

It is peak season for traveling, especially because a lot of people want to be home for Christmas to spend time with their family and also to attend reunions as well as other special events with friends.

Recently, there has been a spate of reports from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) regarding bags that have been forcibly open by unscrupulous individuals working in airports, leading to loss of valuables. And it seems that there is a new person suffering a similar fate each day!

AR Baranda Murillo shared on Facebook photos of her bag, allegedly opened by staff at Cebu Pacific. According to Kwentong OFW, the OFW lost some items she needed for her wedding.

In a post on Facebook, the frustrated bride-to-be shared her sentiments against the airline and any other airline as well, warning people to be very careful next time they go on a trip.

Friends and family be very careful when you fly with Cebu Pacific Air or any other airline. They have staff that really takes advantage of their jobs. I actually thought I had already done enough security measures with my baggage, guess they’re that desperate,”Murillo wrote.

But while that was already frustrating enough, Murillo claimed that they tried to complain at the airport but the ground staff directed them to the Facebook page, telling them to file their complaint on the airline’s official social media page!

Worse, upon reporting CebuPac staff suggested I make a complaint thru Facebook instead and did not deal with my issue properly. We ended up being sent home with a xerox copy of the complaints form. Such a disappointment,” Murillo added.

She angrily slammed the airline for losing an item she needed for the wedding, saying it was a big inconvenience for them. She’s also not happy with the airline’s customer service.

We sure hope this gets resolved soon.

Source / Photo credits: AR Baranda Murillo / Facebook