OFW Surprises Parents as Teddy Bear Mascot on Their Wedding Anniversary Party

An OFW surprised his parents by dressing up as a teddy bear mascot on their wedding anniversary party. The sweet moment brought to his parents’ eyes, especially because they haven’t seen him in five years.

OFW Wears Teddy Bear Mascot Costume to Surprise Parents

During parties, some people hire a mascot for entertainment. Often, these mascots dance, do tricks, or other forms of actions that make everyone happy.

So, when Robi Leonardo surprised his parents, Ruben and Elvira, by appearing as a teddy bear mascot during their 37th wedding anniversary party and renewal of vows, they probably didn’t think that it was their son inside the costume.

teddy bear mascot

Photo credit: Robi Leonardo

Robi and his siblings planned out the surprise – and their parents didn’t even know that they were supposed to have a renewal of vows. They only thought that they were there for the house blessing of their new home in Imus, Cavite.

So, imagine their surprise when their children announce that the house blessing isn’t the main event but their wedding anniversary.

Photo credit: Robi Leonardo

Then, the teddy bear mascot arrived and gave them their wedding rings! It was already a sweet surprise to have the rings, but learning that their OFW son is actually the one inside the teddy bear mascot made the moment even sweeter.

According to Robi, he was supposed to arrive for the house blessing, but his flight had a 2-hour delay. Worse, it was raining hard and the weather contributed to the heavy traffic.

When he arrived at their new home, his siblings helped out to make sure the older couple won’t see him and know he’s the mascot until the right moment.

teddy bear mascot

Photo credit: Robi Leonardo

Like any homecoming, it was filled with laughter and tears – and the family wouldn’t have it any other way.

What a beautiful reunion.

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