OFW Wins AED 15 Million (Php 219 Million), Plans to Stay in Dubai

An OFW wins AED 15 million (Php 219 million) but still plans to stay in Dubai (for now) – and netizens think that’s a good idea. Do you agree?

OFW Wins in Dubai Lottery

It was the first time that 34-year-old Russel Reyes Tuazon bought a ticket in the Emirates Draw despite having worked in Dubai for 15 years. But this proved to be a lucky strike because he won the draw, taking home AED 15 million (Php 219 million)!

The OFW, who hails from Mabalacat, Pampanga, has been working in Dubai since he was 19 years old.

He arrived in Dubai back in 2008, working his way up from the bottom of the Food & Hospitality industry.

Coming from humble beginnings, he wasn’t able to finish his studies due to financial constraints. Yet finding a job in Dubai helped him support his family.

The young man is the second of four siblings.

Although he faced challenges as an OFW in Dubai, he never gave up. He was able to support his family and sibling back home.

He also found love and got married while in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Tuazon has a 7-year-old son who used to live with him and his wife in Dubai, but he was forced to let them go back home to the Philippines when the pandemic struck.

OFW wins lottery

Photo credit: Rad Bandera

Now a storekeeper for a Brazilian restaurant, Tuazon decided to try his luck in the lottery by buying one ticket for 15 dirham (Php 200).

The number combination was special to Tuazon.

I selected the number 6 – month of my birthday, 29 – date of my birth, 34 – my age, 17- son’s birthday, 25 – sister’s birthday, and 22 is mother’s birth date,” he explained.

Imagine his surprise when he received the call late at night, informing him about the win. He was already asleep at the time, the OFW recalled.

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He also told Filipino Times that he might open a business that’s in line with his work in the food and beverage industry.

Downsides to Winning Millions in the Lottery

It’s wise for Tuazon to plan about opening a business with his earnings. Many lottery winners ended up bankrupt or unhappy with their lives. Here are some of the downsides to winning the lottery:

  • So many people (even strangers) asking you for money
  • Living a lavish lifestyle, not realizing that the money will eventually run out
  • Starting or funding existing vices
  • Failed relationships and falling out with family members

Some lottery winners even experienced danger from people, even family members, who want to forcibly take their money.