OFWs Enjoy the Taste of Home with Comfort Food at Kusina Pinoy Bistro in New York

 A lot of Filipinos long for the taste of home as they work abroad, away from the Philippines. For Filipinos, there’s just something they can’t explain about eating Pinoy food that even the most delicious foreign food could not match!

In New York, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) get to enjoy the taste of home as they enjoy the comfort food at Kusina Pinoy Bistro. The authentic Pinoy food served at the restaurant is cooked by Pinoys. Though many of the products are sourced from nearby markets, there are also ingredients that do come all the way from the Philippines.

A high-end restaurant set on a block with several other Pinoy stores and restaurants, Kusina Pinoy Bistro stands out from all the rest with the delicious and ‘messy’ food they offer. This is where you can enjoy the Pinoy-style ‘boodle fight’, complete with Pinoy favorites like grilled fish, grilled pork, crispy pata, and even bagoong!

Not everyone enjoys a meal the ‘boodle fight’ way, but this has become a novelty even to foreigners – and an awesome option for Pinoys! Having dinner in this restaurant makes many of them feel right at home, especially because there are lots of other Filipinos also eating there.

There are also other Pinoy favorites, such as the ever popular bulalo, Bicol express, bagnet, chicharon, munggo, chicken inato, kaldereta, and laing! Their calamares gigantes is also a must-try, with the huge squid fried and served upright. In the Philippines, Pinoys are likely to cut the calamares with their hands but in this high-end restaurant, kitchen scissors are provided so you can share the meal with family and friends.

Just like many restaurants back home, Kusina Pinoy Bistro also offers drinks such as sago’t gulaman and calamansi juice. There’s also taho!

What is Taho?

Taho is one of the most popular Pinoy snack items that’s made from soy beans, arnibal, and sago pearls.