OFWs have Fun with Viral ‘TsuTsaTsaTyunga’ Challenge

It could not be denied that overseas Filipino workers often have a hard time coping abroad as they are away from their families and could only see them through their cellphones. Thankfully, many OFW communities are actually strong-knit and have activities for the Filipino workers to have fun and enjoy a sense of family even while they are away from home.

With so many viral challenges online, there’s bound to be a new one created – and one of the most recent ones is the ‘’TsuTsaTsaTyunga Challenge’. Have you already heard of this challenge?

Posted by Dhon Elupre on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Apparently popular with the OFW community, the TsuTsaTsaTyunga Challenge is a hilarious challenge wherein straight men and lesbians walk a make-believe runway while wearing women’s clothes.

Popular in Hong Kong among OFWs hanging out during their day off, a number of men and lesbians did the TsuTsaTsaTyunga Challenge – with their audience, mostly other OFWs on day off as well, laughed hard as they took the ‘runway’ and did their best imitation of runway models.

Posted by Dhon Elupre on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

It was obvious that they were really just having fun – and the smiles on everyone’s faces say it all. But the videos shared by the OFWs showed that there were also a number of foreigners who stopped to watch the hilarious ‘modeling show’.

ExpatReaders shared several videos on their blog, featuring a number of guys and lesbians really having a good time as they walked the makeshift runway while everyone in their audience cheered on.

Indeed, no matter where Filipinos are, they will always be happy people who overcome life’s challenges with a smile,” ExpatReaders wrote.

Posted by Dhon Elupre on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What’s quite impressive is that these guys and lesbians actually managed to rock high heels (even stilletos!) in their hilarious ‘runway’ show as they did the TsuTsaTsaTyunga Challenge. That’s really something!

What do you think of the TsuTsaTsaTyunga Challenge?