OFW’s Hilarious “I Just Cook Sir” Convo with Employer Makes Netizens Laugh

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are often praised for their ability to easily adapt with the culture and language of the country they are working in. Give a Filipino a few months and he/she would already understand the language of that country; some years more and he/she would be fluent!

But an OFW recently shared how she was able to adapt with her employer’s broken English as she was able to understand the instructions despite the conversation being too hilarious if you interpret it in straight English. LOL.

Photo credit: Valleryn Caranza Landong / Facebook

An OFW named Valleryn Caranza Landong on Facebook works in Malaysia. Recently, she shared a convo she had with her employer and it really got a lot of netizens laughing. After all, the convo involved phrases like “Cook sir the brief” and “I just cook sir”. ROFL. Can you imagine what’s being cooked there and if ‘sir’ would taste good when cooked?

In fairness to her employer, the woman was trying her best to reach out to the OFW in a language she could understand. What’s funny is that the employer was obviously using a translator app to give out her instructions, but the ‘English language’ didn’t actually give out the right results.

Photo credit: Valleryn Caranza Landong / Facebook

In her instructions to the OFW, the unnamed employer told Valleryn (Sandra in the conversation), “Sandra I out tomolo you cook sir the brief in the frid fly veges and rice you can fly the rice put egg.

At first, the instructions might sound weird, but Valleryn already knows how to decipher her employer’s messages, shared Expat Readers. And you could actually deduce from the text that the ‘brief’ was certainly ‘beef’, the ‘frid’ is obviously the ‘fridge’, and ‘tomolo’ meant ‘tomorrow’.

As for the “I don’t cook you… I just cook sir” part, Valleryn’s not about to commit something regrettable but only meant she wouldn’t be cooking for her female employer, only for her sir. Whew!