How to Overcome Feelings of Homesickness while Working Abroad

Missing loved ones in the Philippines is probably one of the toughest challenges of overseas Filipino workers. The thought of not being able to spend quality time and share the most important moments with your family back in the Philippines can really get the best of you.

However, the feeling of homesickness is something every OFW must conquer particularly during their first few months in the foreign land. While it’s certainly not easy to battle these powerful feelings during those long,lonely nights, there are ways to overcome it.


Here are some tips to overcome feelings of homesickness while realizing your dreams in a faraway land.

1. Spend time doing your hobby.

Most OFWs feel particularly sad and lonely during their idle times. Rather than spending your idle time being miserable, make use of this time by doing what you love. For instance, you can read books after a long day at work or binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix during weekends. By doing your hobbies, you’ll allow your mind to have something to process other than the memories of your family.

2. Be connected.

Living in a foreign land means immersing yourself into an entirely different culture and society. Most OFWs who have just moved to another country are welcomed by fellow Filipinos in the community. Make an effort to be part of this community in order for you have a life outside work. Moreover, social networks can help you connect with fellow Pinoys in the area. You can also make friends with locals and other foreigners if you have the opportunity.

3. Have an active lifestyle.

Exercising regularly can reduce your risk for depression. If you think you have enough spare time, do visit a fitness gym or play your favorite sport on a regular basis. Even if you have a tight schedule, you can exercise at home or do brisk walking everyday before coming to work.

4. Communicate regularly with your family.

You can’t overcome the feeling of homesickness by avoiding your family. It’s essential that you communicate with them on a regular basis. Set a specific day and time every week to have a catch-up with your loved ones.

5. Do something therapeutic.

It could be writing on a journal, growing a garden, taking care of a pet or just listening to good music. Do something that feeds your soul and ultimately helps you grow as a person. Not only will it help you hurdle the feeling of homesickness, it can also reveal a different side of you.